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     If you are a fan of alliterative names: hello, my name is Casey Convey. I am from North Hollywood, CA, the city of wannabe-Hollywood gentrification. I grew up volunteering at local schools to spite LAUSD for not having a soul and caring about students and faculty — which birthed my love for collaboration. Although I applied on a whim, my interest in acting blossomed at UCLA. During that time, my music tastes shifted from upbeat, fast rap to sad boy R&B anthems. Currently, if I am not playing some RPG video game tucked in my corner, I am planning my outfit two days in advance, saving cooking recipes that I may or may not end up doing, or overdoing some bit with friends. However, if I am feeling productive, I will be studying Irish Gaelic, with hopes to revive a dead language and pass it on to future generations — or something motivational like that.

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