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     On November 10, 1998 at 7:31 in the morning I was born on my living room floor. After two weeks of back and forth, my parents finally settled on the name Eliza. I grew up under the big skies of Oklahoma City, but when I was 15 my family hitched our wagon and headed east to New York City where skyscrapers replaced sunsets. It was there I discovered my love for taking the subway in the wrong direction and walking around aimlessly. I eventually took aim and headed towards UCLA to study theater. At UCLA, I became very involved in the comedy scene through improv, sketch, and radio. I eventually want to try stand up, but my Twitter addiction suffices in the meantime. I love comedians who are sardonic, inventive, and absurd and I love how social media has provided a platform for comics who would otherwise be on the fringe. Some of my favorite comedians are Catherine Cohen, Megan Stalter, and Natalie Palamides. I love performances that are bold, vulnerable, and risky. This is why it is my dream to travel to France and study the art of clowning - it embraces failure and encourages exploration which is what I seek to do in my art. When I am not performing I am scribbling in my journal, reading a book, or daydreaming about John Travolta circa 1978.

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