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Hi! Frank Demma here! I’m from Petaluma, California (the one-time egg and milk capital of the world). I’m Azorean  and Sicilian, and my great-grandpa allegedly had ties to the Sicilian mafia in California. Allegedly. I too have been a member of a shadowy underground faction; I was the Vice President of my high school Ultimate Frisbee team.

But setting aside my credentials for a moment, I am a great lover of flare-legged pants, jewel tones, bolo ties, (I’m watching 20 on eBay right now), board games and salsa music. I like full bookshelves and foreign films and I roast and jar red bell peppers every week to put on my Everything Bagels.

I am a recent graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater. At UCLA, I’ve played many roles from winos to Vegas magicians but perhaps my proudest achievement was directing a production of Twelfth Night for UCLA’s Shakespeare Company. I brought eleven flighty college students, a bunch of musician friends, a lot of prop cigarettes, and one gorgeous motorcycle, to UCLA’s Botanical Gardens and put on a great show the weekend before the LA shutdown.  My next directing project is a drive-in storytelling festival slated for the spring, and I hope to act, write, direct and jar bell peppers well into old age.

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