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About Isaac

How you doin’? My name is Isaac Edejer, I’m a half-white, half-Filipino guy from the East Bay. I’m an Eagle Scout, a guitarist, and a skinny fitness buff. I’m almost always rocking my classic Bay Area look with some old shoes, skinny-ish jeans, big baggy jackets, and a baseball cap. Acquaintances would describe me as intense, but I prefer to think of myself as passionate.
My family has a mantra that I live by: Get Shit Done. Though I dabbled in delinquency as high schooler, I was committed as hell to acting and the arts. I commuted three hours, round-trip, every day to attend the theater department of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts. By the time I was a senior, I had directing, producing, writing, acting, and film credits under my belt. This includes productions within my school, as I produced and performed in interdepartmental productions, and outside of school, performing live and on camera with the San Francisco Symphony and for industrial films.
When I got to UCLA, I felt there was so much I didn’t understand about performing despite many years studying acting. I decided to study and work with AV tech in order to gain a greater appreciation for the whole artistic process. I have worked for over two years with the UCLA Office of Residential Life as an event technician and as an administrative supervisor, setting up and running AV tech for massive concerts, festivals, fairs, and countless other student and university events. I’ve relished my time behind the scenes at UCLA, but I’m ready to step out into the spotlight and to challenge myself to tell amazing stories. Go Dubs!

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