Leah Marie Woods

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About Leah

Hi! I’m Leah, a 21 year old actor and student living in LA, currently attending UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. When I’m not in class or at rehearsal, I’m singing with my acapella group on campus or occasionally noodling around with writing some of my own music.
Outside of performing, I have a passion for DIY crafting, collecting quotes, and trying not to kill my houseplants (I keep trying to convince myself that I have a green thumb, but if I’m honest, my track record shows otherwise). I’m also an avid reader, but maybe don’t ask me for suggestions; the last two books I read were a self-help work I found at Urban Outfitters and the third (best) Harry Potter book. When I’m not reading a questionable selection, you might find me thrift shopping or admittedly consuming reality television. I may not be able to house sit your plants, but if you ever need a ghost writer for your dissertation on Love Island, I’m your girl.

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