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After auditioning for his first play in his senior year of high school, Makela Yepez knew theater was what he was made for… even though he didn’t get cast. 
But he did not allow this decision to steer him away from his true love. From a small town in rural Northern California Makela had his eyes set for the city. From directing to acting, writing to creating, Makela dived into the art of theater at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television and discovered new passions beyond the proscenium. Confirmed creative and film buff, you can find Makela on a typical weekend taking photos of his friends, playing Daniel Caesar on the piano, doing a deep dive into the works of Chekhov or watching old Academy Award favorites. Advocating for representation on stage and screen and fighting for social and political change, Makela Yepez hopes to tell new stories and challenge old ideas about politics and stereotypes. And maybe do a Shakespeare play every now and then.

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