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About Mary Alex

Southern born, Los Angeles bred
Artist: I am an actor, director, producer, and self proclaimed Shakespeare nerd who strives to tell female driven narratives and reimagined versions of ‘classic’ stories.
Leader: I am an arts educator and entrepreneur focused on community building and helping artists advocate for themselves and their work.
Optimist: It’s a beautiful day to be alive. A mantra of mine. 
I’m an old soul with a librarian for a mom, so I love learning and can format a mean bibliography. Between the piles of polaroid pictures and homemade scrapbooks found around my room, you can also find funky thrifted jackets, journals detailing future travel plans, and a stack of plays overdue from the library (sorry mom!). I enjoy long walks accompanied by the hosts of the My Favorite Murder and Shakespeare Unlimited podcasts. I love to travel and feel the history of different places, like The Globe theatre in London or the rich jungle of Costa Rica. It’s experiences like those that drive my daydreams of adventures yet to be had, stories yet to be told, and people yet to be met.

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