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     A second-generation Armenian-American, Michael Aghasaryan wields the superpower of trilingualism (English, Armenian and Russian), which he puts to great use assisting elderly people in store aisles and which he hopes one day to employ on screen as that terrorist who can actually threaten world destruction in a different language (he’d naturally prefer to recite Armenian poetry on stage, but will make do with his bedroom for now). Destroying his father’s dreams of his son one day becoming a world-class cellist, Michael has chosen acting as the art that fulfills his need to escape from the crass and materialistic world, allowing him to endure unemployment with honor and distinction in the name of art. According to his parents, Michael has been acting since the moment he could walk, and even though there were other passions along the way - playing cello and then guitar, discovering literature and writing unpublished poetry - Michael has been able to stay true to his mission of immersing himself completely in theater and film. If you were to ask “Shakespeare on stage, or a supporting role in a film by Inarritu?” Michael would have a mental breakdown, and if you added a third option - let’s say directing an adaptation of a Chekhov short story - he’d think he had died and gone to heaven. His creed is: “Storytelling is my art, Humanity - my muse” (though art is hard, and muses are fickle).

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