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Sophie Gillet is a performer and artist with a love of all things creative. She was born in Berkeley, California, and raised in a bilingual French household before moving to Los Angeles to study Theater and Film. Elle continue à pratiquer son Français avec des bouquins, bien sûr! She’s grateful to have had the chance to devise so many new works with her talented peers at UCLA, and is excited to keep collaborating on up and
coming projects with passionate musicians, writers, and performers. In her free time, Sophie loves to be outdoors hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and drawing inspiration from the world around her. You can also find her on the mat training in weapons and Aikido, which she has been practicing with her father (an Aikido Sensei) since she was a child--Karate Kid’s got nothing on her. In her quieter moments, she loves to sketch and watch cartoons, which inspires her VoiceOver work.

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